How to build a room around a signature piece?

Interior designing is not just about a renovation. It also involves other elements such as tweaking the accessories in a home to transform the way it looks to homeowners and visitors alike. Are you giving it a thought to consult an interior designer so you can discuss the scope or building a room around a signature piece?

The good thing is that you can do this without much hassle by following the rules of the rule book. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to channel them into action.

Wondering how to do this? Don’t worry. Follow the ideas that correspond to the four core aspects given below to resolve your design dilemma.

1. Shape

What does your chosen signature piece look like?

Does it have an interesting shape to it? If yes, then make a point of following that style throughout. For example, when you choose a curved kitchen table, let it echo all around the room in the form of fabrics or wallpapers.

2. Size

An important thing to bear in mind while choosing to build a room around a signature piece is to cramp it for space. Large signature pieces like extended dining tables or bed frames occupy a large space. If you put them in conjunction with the other pieces of furniture of the same size in your room, your signature piece may not draw the attention of people in the desired manner.

To ensure that the charm of the piece does not go in the shade due to other pieces of furniture in the room, try using smaller items such as ornate lamps. You can also top it up with complimentary items such as an art or a side table.

3. Style

The old school idea of sticking to one style is long gone. Instead, the idea of mixing style is all the rage these days. If you own contemporary pieces, it would be a good idea to ornate the room with antique items for a change. Position the latter in such a way that the former and the latter remain next to one another. If you want to earn compliments from visitors, this style is perfect for decorating your designing room.

4. Colour

With a signature piece, its colour sets the tone of the whole scheme of a room. If you have chosen red furniture, think about adding at least a couple of red pops to your space. Follow this pattern with walls and fabrics as well. This will help the space in gelling well with the walls and other items of your room.

These are some great ways of aligning and resonating the style factor of a signature piece with the rest of a room. These ideas particularly relate to the living room and bedroom. However, if you want, you can also try out the similar ideas for your kitchen or other rooms as well. Translate these ideas into action while building your room around a signature piece to give it a glossy or eye-catching appearance!