How to Beautify Load Bearing Column in the Centre of the Floor

We might have considered load-bearing columns as a total spoiler and undesirable that tends to slaughter away the perfect ambience of our rooms, right? Columns are essentials of construction but can be unappealing and may cut down some extra space of a room. If you are also someone of the same thought, then here are some excellent Column Interior Design ideas to transform these concrete pillars into standing beauties that can be a game changer for your assets.  

Using columns as storages

What could be a better idea than using load-bearing columns as storages? Yes, you have heard it right! The columns that stand unused can not only serve as a decorative piece but can also be used as a bookshelf, cabinet and a lot more. You just need to consider hiring an Interior Designer Belgaum to get this striking factor functional in your rooms. Running length top to bottom cabinets can spread out the ideal look for your house making use of that extra space amidst the bulky columns.

Lighting it up

To create a lighted up aura for your living rooms, you can go in for up lighting or down lighting the voids in between the columns for a smart interior. This will not only create an ethereal corner but can also be used to showcase a few art pieces.

The media centre hack

You might have always considered the massive columns to be useless and cumbersome. But, here is something that can prove both the things wrong. Consider cladding the columns with tactile materials or stones and create it as a media centre to install your LED and LCD television sets. This can also save space and can prove to be one of the smartest ways to make your old and boring columns to be a lively area for entertainment.

The mirroring effect

Do you have a Load Bearing Column in your bedroom? Yes, then you have a real thing to save on your dressing tables. Wrapping the columns with timber strips or other decorative materials can surely accentuate the look of your room, but mirroring it can be a space saviour for your bedrooms. Not only will it give you an ideal space to admire yourself in front of the mirror but will also reflect light bringing in more sunshine vibes to your room.

Columns to reveal your story

To remove the monotony and beautify odd spaces, these load-bearing columns can be one of the best ways to narrate your own story in a picturesque way out. You might have seen pillars in the museums and libraries narrating out their history and enhancing the aesthetics. You can steal this idea and use it for your house as well. These columns can serve to be a creative place that can interact and tell the tales of your love story or family life with a few frames refreshing memories down the memory lane.
Now since you have gained insight on how to make the most out of these columns, which one are you going to use for your home inspiration? Let us know!