Creative use of Space with Smart Interior Designs in small houses

With excessive population growth and more people from every economic background coming to the metros for work, space crunch has come up as an enormous issue. To tackle that in a better manner, the designers in Pune has coupled budget with affordability, as many cannot bear the expenses.

Everyone loves big, airy, and spacious houses. But not that everyone can afford one as their own. Those who are residing in a small apartment have all the rights to make their home look and feel spacious so that all the family members can live happily there.

So here are some smart designing ideas from the leading designers of Pune to suit people with smaller living areas –

# Show your creativity with hidden furniture and cabinets
One has to be extremely clever while selecting suitable interior types of furniture or buying a new one. Ever heard of hidden cabinets? Try it if you have a space issue in your apartment. Hidden desk between two cupboards can easily be used as a home office nook. A small cabinet under the dining table is a very smart interior design and storage solution for lesser used crockeries. Also if you have instructed your carpenter to attach a drawer beside the bed or cupboard, it would help optimize your small bedroom into a spacious one.

# Invest only in modern design and simple furniture
Living in a relatively small apartment means you are restricted to buy large and cushiony furniture. So if you fancy a huge sofa, we are sorry, you need to drop that idea. Instead, furniture which is modern in design and occupies lesser space should be your first priority. Also, look for furniture that canbe used in multiple ways, like a sofa bed. You can lie down on it the whole day. And make a bed on it when there are guests in the house. Multifunctional interiors are meant to reduce the usage of the living area to create more spacious living space.

# Creative storage solutions
Creative ideas for interior design caters to the need of enhancing any space you have in your house. Because spaces left untouched in a small apartment is not a good idea at all. These unused places act as a very good storage solution. Do you have some place left under the stairs? Have a wall beside the kitchen for better use? Turn these places into minibars, mini bookshelves, or simply storage drawers for keeping the kids’ toys. If you have some space between two-floor levels, turn that into a shelving unit. This place would be a great solution to keep away clutter from home.

# Go for neutral colours
If you have a small apartment, go for only neutral colours, says the eminent designers in Pune. No matter how much you love colours, your home should only have shades of different neutral and nude colours. Darker and deep colour would be a pain for the eye in a small living area. Also, it would make the house look clumsy and dark. Shades of white, beige and grey are the most suitable ones. Make your apartment look wider with a careful colour selection.

To feed your colourful side, decorate your home with beautiful plants, succulents, and cactuses. Use colourful rugs and vibrant cushions on your sofa bed. You can also use different types of photo frames and make a photo wall. It would simultaneously add character and colours to the house. N-arch are connected with interior designing and creating spaces in homes for years. They render innovative designs and highest standards for smart living. As they cater to all the domains of interior designing, one can achieve the dream of own house with these professionals.

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