5 Must-Have Accessories to Bring Life to Your Living Room

The world of home décor ideas is an ever-changing process. And when it comes to design and decorate the living room, one is spoilt for choices to make. However, an awful choice can somehow lead to disgust and total waste of energy, money and investments. 

To avoid situations like these, one should keep a couple of thumb rules in mind. After all, you do not need to look you home like the dorm room, do you? So roll up your sleeves and ask the professionals for suggestions. Living room interior designers are the best way you can go by and be creative. No matter how much innovative you are in your head, a professional touch would always put much effort into renovating your cosy den. Interior designers in Pune are always on their toe to provide a complete touch of perfection for you. 

Today, let’s focus on the 5 must-have accessories for the living room. Consider these as the golden ideas for interior design for living room

Golden rule #1
If it’s a living room, keep something living in it. Every living room needs something alive in it other than you. So invest in an aquarium or terrarium, and indoor plants. If you are not fond of four-legged pets, these are ideal for your place to bring on life. Floral decorations, and fresh flowers, as suggested by the interior designers, bring a stunning look irrespective of their size and colour.

Golden rule #2
Believe in the art of mixing. There’s no hard and fast rule to adhere to only one single colour, pattern and motif for your living room. Place a wicker basket on the centre table just next to the flower vase and night lamp. Trust us! It won’t look awkward at all. A wooden tray with a few magazines and favourite books would complete this functional yet personality-filled corner.

Golden rule #3
Books! Books! And Books! A simple and clutter free book rack is all that you need to allow to soothe your eyes and mind. In fact, you can introduce little and cosy reading nooks in the living room. It would soon become your favourite spot in the whole house. Decorate the place with bright and contrast colour cushions. Add a vibrant rug to sit on. Care for another suggestion? Just hang on a succulent and a money plant from the window panel or a hook on top of this nook. You would never bother going out!

Golden rule #4
Accentuate a specific wall of your living room. If you are the one who loves colourful and attractive rooms, don’t even bother painting a wall. Add wooden panels, vibrant wallpapers and elevate the looks. 

Golden rule #5
Just because you will have guests in the living room, does not mean that you place personal things there. There’s a difference in allowing guests to peek into your personal life and actually personal lives. Photographs act as an excellent way to make your living space look personal. Fill one wall or a tiny corner with the pictures of your loved ones. Be careful when you choose the photo frames. Mixtures of photo frames are a comfort to the eye and reflection of your choices.

Hope these rules would help you brighten your living room!

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